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The Centre is Listed has a Limited Company Registered Number 709254

The Called up Share Capital that have been authorised is 100.000

Shares Issued as at Account Ending Period 31st October  2015 was 59,944



Shares are available to purchase , (Minimum 25 no at £1 00p each)  from Individuals who are members of  A  Lodge,  Chapter or Other Masonic Order that meets at the Crosskeys Centre.

Any  Lodge , Chapter  or other Order that meets at the centre are also able to purchase shares, ( minimum 25 Number  at £1 00p each).



The expenditure in operating  the business of the Masonic Centre is met by a number of income sources.

1. Rent Charged to the Orders that meet at the Centre ( By Cost Per Member Per Meeting ( i.e. PER CAPITA COST )

2. Income from the Franchise of the Catering Sales.

3. Income from Rent charged for use of the Hall for Socials and the Like.

4. Income from Bar Sales Profits.

5. Income from Share Sales


Income has been  reducing  on Items 1 to 4 for some period and is the same for other Masonic Centre’s, due to less membership , less numbers  attending meetings , lack of socials being organised All the above then reduces sales  at the bar. Therefore to meet its objectives , the management of the Centre must increase the Per Capita rate Charged for Rent, if it is to meets its objectives ,both in the General Operating costs as well as the Maintenance and Improvement of the Building.


However, this can be assisted by the Sales of Shares. Masonry lists Charity as one of its objectives, Therefore this is a good example where Charity can begin at home.  Lodges, Chapters etc .  Should you not Purchase Shares?


Announce that the raffle proceeds or surplus income from a social occasion is to be used for the purchase of shares. There are still 40,056 shares available.


As individuals, can you afford to purchase say 25 Shares?  Why not purchase as a small group (25 Shares Minimum ) and record in the name of the lodge etc.


All income received from the Sales of Shares , will be used for the maintenance and improvement of the Centre.



It is very unlikely that a dividend will ever be paid for the shares issued. However , All Shareholders own part of the Centre Assets ,and if the Centre ceases to operate , the share holder will then be due  a percentage of the assets, according to the number of shares that is owned.


Wish to Purchase Shares? Please contact Charles Ager (Shares Co-Ordinator) on  Mobile 07948375517 or e-mail


A form will be forwarded to you for entry of your details etc and returned to Charles Ager

Many Thanks in anticipation of your support.

OR Download the Form ,enter details and return to the Crosskeys Centre for the attention of Charles Ager


Charles Ager (Director)


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